Film Locations

  • Fairmile Hospital, Fair Mile Hospital

    St. Fidelis a.k.a. Fair Mile Hospital

    Film Location for: St Fidelis in March Magna (“The Silent Land”)


    Film location for Midsomer Murders

    Fair Mile Hospital is set in an abandoned building in Midsomers March Magna. It’s a spooky place, and it’s where the young tuberculosis patient fell to her death on the stairs in the main entrance. She fell out of sheer hopelessness. But unlike her, the nurses at the former hospital appear to be “not dead, but sleepeth“.

    The Gothic-style building, which was also a hospital in reality, was used as a filming location for an episode of Midsomer Murders, namely

    • St Fidelis, March Magna (13×04: The Silent Land)


    However, it was not a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, but a hospital for mental health problems.

  • UCL Observatory Mill Hill, Licence: Grim23

    UCL Observatory in Midsomer Stanton

    Film Location for: Stanton Observatory in Midsomer Stanton („Written in the Stars“)


    Film location for Midsomer Murders

    The UCL Observatory (UCLO) is a prestigious observatory on Watford Way in Mill Hill. It was used in Midsomer Murders as the location for the Midsomer Stanton Observatory, where the first murder takes place early in the episode during the solar eclipse. We learn later in the episode that local landowner and keen amateur astronomer Tom Stanton had the observatory built in 1936.

    The Tudor house has so far been used as a filming location for one episodes of our beloved series, namely

    • Stanton Observatory, Midsomer Stanton (15×03: Written in the Stars)
  • Chenies Manor House

    Chenies Manor House, Buckinghamshire, in Midsomer Murders

    Film Location for: Malham Manor („The Oblong Murders“), Melmoth Hall („Murder by Magic“), Apley Court („The Sting of Death“)


    Film location for Midsomer Murders

    Overlooking the Chess Valley, Chenies Manor in Chenies, Buckinghamshire is a Grade I listed building and has been on the National Heritage List since 22 December 1958. The Chenies Manor House is strategically situated on the border of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

    The Tudor house has so far been used as a filming location for three episodes of our beloved series, namely

    • Malham Manor, Midsomer Malham (14×04: The Oblong Murder)
    • Melmoth Hall, Midsomer Oaks (16×02: Murder by Magic)
    • Apley Court, Granville Norton (21×03: The Sting of Death)