All Midsomer’s History by Season

Are you watching a particular episode? Or you just don’t want a chronological overview of Midsomer’s history, but in the order of the series?

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And for a better overview (and to reduce the loading time of this page) I have created a subpage for each season. Sometimes there is only one episode per season, sometimes there are several. So that you don’t click in vain, the episodes are listed directly on this page.


Season 1

01×01 Written in Blood


Season 2

02×01: Death‘s Shadow

02×02: Strangler’s Wood

02×03: Dead Man’s Eleven


Season 3

03×03: Judgement Day

03×04: Beyond the Grave


The old graveyard in Dorchester-on-Thames, June 2023. By Petra Tabarelli. Public Domain.


Season 4

04×01: Garden of Death


Season 5

05×01: Market for Murder

05×02: A Worm in a Bud

05×03:  Ring Out Your Dead

05×04 Murder on St Malley’s Day


Season 6

06×01: A Talent for Life

06×04: A Tale of Two Hamlets


Battle of Marston Moor, mentioned in Season 6
The Battle of Marston Moor painting. The battle was on 2 July 1644, during the English Civil War (1642-52) between Royalists and Parliamentarians. It was also a battle of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (England, Scotland and Ireland) of 1639 – 1653. Oil on canvas by John Barker (19th century); 101.6×152.5 cm. Public Domain.


Season 7

07×01: The Green Man

07×02: Bad Tidings

07×03: The Fisher King

07×06: The Straw Woman


Season 8

08×01: Things That Go Bump in the Night

08×04: Bantling Boy

08×07: Sauce for the Goose

08×08: Midsomer Rhapsody


Season 9

09×01: The House in the Woods

09×04: Down Among Dead Men

09×05: Four Funerals and a Wedding


Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Ravenseft: Quainton Road Railway Station, Buckinghamshire, 2008. CC-BY SA 2.0.


Season 10

10×01: Dance with the Dead

10×06: Picture of Innocence

10×07: They Seek Him Here


Season 11

11×01 Shot at Dawn

11×02: Blood Wedding

11×05: The Magician’s Nephew

11×07: Talking to the dead


Season 12

12×02: The Black Book

12×03: Secrets and Spies

12×04: The Glitch


Waverley Abbey
Waverley Abbey in June 2023, by Petra Tabarelli. Public Domain.


Season 13

13×01: The Sword of Guillaume

13×04: The Silent Land

13×06: The Noble Art


Season 14

14×01: Death in the Slow Lane

14×02: Dark Secrets

14×05: The Sleeper Under the Hill

14×06: The Night of the Stag

14×07: A Sacred Trust


Season 15

15×01: The Dark Rider

15×03: Written in the Stars

15×04: Death and the Divas

15×05: The Sicilian Defence


A sickly young woman sits covered up on a balcony; Death is standing next to her, representing tuberculosis. By R. Cooper, c. 1912. Public Domain.


Season 16

16×02: Let Us Prey

16×03: Wild Harvest

16×04: The Flying Club


Season 17

17×02: Murder by Magic

17×03: The Ballad of Midsomer County

17×04: A Vintage Murder


Season 18

18×05: Sinners and Saints


White Walham
West London Aero Clubhouse at White Waltham Airfield, 2012. By Stuart Logan. CC-BY SA 2.0.


Season 19

19×01: The Village That Rose from the Dead

19×03: Last Man Out

19×05: Death by Persuasion


Season 20

20×01: The Ghost of Causton Abbey


Season 21

No history mentioned


Gilbert & Sullivan
Sir Arthur Sullivan, to the Principal of the Royal Academy of Music: “Don’t find composing comic-opera so easy as you thought, do you, Mackenzie?“, sketch by Alfred Bryan, 1898. Public Domain.


Season 22

22×05: For Death Prepare




This chronology contains all the important dates in Midsomer’s history up to the end of season 22, as I don’t want to spoil the huge number of British fans who haven’t yet had the chance to watch season 23 and 24. (Beware, it may also contain spoilers for you if you haven’t seen all the episodes up to season 22.)

For the calculation of some events that are only indirectly dated (e.g. “a hundred years ago”), I have chosen the year of broadcast in the UK as the reference year.


More dates – especially murders – from 1997 onwards will be added. For this I still need a good concept of which events to mention in a county chronology and which not. You could choose local celebrities and particularly bizarre murders – but at what point is someone a local celebrity? And when is a murder particularly bizarre? I’m afraid we all answer these questions differently. And that’s why I need a guideline. If I might have forgotten something, please contact me by email.


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