About me


Hello, I’m Petra Tabarelli – your fan expert for Midsomer Murders, and a historian.

Actually, I’m a football (rules) historian and run the archive of Bingen on the Rhine in Germany. But also, I am a fan of Midsomer Murders. You can hear me in the superfan quiz on the official MM podcast “Midsomer Murders Mayhem” in episode 6: Murder on St Malley’s Day. (And two others not yet released).



Well, I admit: my English heart does not primarily play for the counties in the west and north of London. (Joan Street, on her excellent website about Locations of Midsomer Murders, describes this area very appropriately as “Barnaby Land”.) My first visit to England lead me to North Yorkshire and it was love at first sight – the landscape, the accent, oh, and gravy! Although Barnaby Land is of course very, very pretty and idyllic. Murderously idyllic!

I am also a proud member of the Midsomer Murders Society.



Why have I done this work? What do I intend with it?

That is simple and quickly answered: I was looking for such a website, couldn’t find it, so I created it. For others who, like me, are looking for the website, and now can find it. Quite subtly.
Over time, more and more articles about “Midsomer Murders on History” are appearing – both articles about English history and about other history connections in Midsomer Murders. And there are plenty of them!




If you would like to honour my effort and passion, I am happy and thankful for every donation.


I would like to point out that this is an unofficial fan site. I am not connected to Bentley Productions, ITV or the actors.