Midsomer Murders' Film Location

Midsomer Murders’ Film Location

Which are your three favourite Midsomer Murders’ film locations? And why? I bet there’s at least one manor house or cosy cottage in there. Right?

Welcome to the picturesque and dangerous world of Midsomer Murders, where quaint English villages are the setting for dark secrets and heinous crimes. As much a character as any detective or suspect, the idyllic locations of this long-running British crime series are an integral part of its charm and intrigue. Set amidst the rolling hills and verdant countryside of the fictional Midsomer County, the series features a variety of stunning locations that capture the essence of rural England. From quaint cottages to grand estates, each setting provides a backdrop for the macabre mysteries that unfold within its borders.


One iconic location that frequently appears in the series is the picturesque village of Badger’s Drift. With its thatched cottages, winding lanes and lush greenery, it is the quintessential English village. But beneath its charming facade lies a dark underbelly of deceit and murder, making it a recurring setting for some of the show’s most chilling crimes.¬†Another notable location is the historic market town of Causton, home to Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and the centre of much of the series’ action. With its bustling market square, medieval architecture and winding streets, Causton serves as the central setting for many of the investigations undertaken by Barnaby and his team.

Beyond the confines of these familiar settings, Midsomer Murders often takes viewers on a journey through the stunning countryside of Midsomer County – mostly Oxfordshire. From sprawling country estates to secluded manor houses, each location offers a glimpse into the privileged lives of the county’s elite, while also harbouring dark secrets waiting to be uncovered.


Cosy crimes, cosy film locations

For architecture buffs, Midsomer Murders’ film location also offers a glimpse into the grandeur of England’s stately homes. Locations such as Chavenage House and Waddesdon Manor, with their lavish interiors and meticulously manicured gardens, provide a sumptuous backdrop for the show’s high-society dramas. Of course, no tour of Midsomer Murders would be complete without a visit to the local pub. Whether it’s The Black Swan in Badger’s Drift or The Crown in Causton, these cosy establishments serve as meeting places for the show’s colourful cast of characters, where secrets are swapped over a pint of ale or a glass of wine.

Finally, the Midsomer Murders locations play a vital role in bringing the world of Midsomer County to life. From quaint villages to grand estates, each location adds depth and authenticity to the show, making it a popular fixture on British television for over two decades. So the next time you get caught up in a murder mystery set amidst the rolling hills of rural England, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and intrigue of the locations that make it all possible.


Longing for…

In a nutshell, Midsomer Murders is a monument to a bygone age of Englishness. So full of Englishness, in fact, that rather than using a handful of villages as film locations for Midsomer Murders, a Midsomer village has to be pieced together from buildings and village greens from various places. History manifests itself in Midsomer Murders through the villages, the countryside and the buildings that are chosen as a film location. At the same time, Midsomer Murders becomes an anachronism, a kind of ruin as a memorial to a bygone Englishness. But so it saves souls longing for a little cosiness.

Some of these Midsomer Murders’ film locations are places where Midsomer history has taken place. Not everything listed in my Midsomer Chronology can be located, and I don’t have the location for some of them. For the known locations – and I would like to thank Joan Street for midsomermurders.org once again – I have created a fictional map. It shows the location of the real film location, but with details of the building and the Midsomer location – and the Midsomer story.


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