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    Roman Vineyards

    (Caution: Contains spoilers for Episode: 17×04: A Vintage Murder)


    Elspeth Rice has just returned from measuring the depth of a lake in Midsomer Vinae. She is deeply concerned about the results, as this lake holds a painful memory for her. Five years ago, she accidentally hit and fatally injured young Jessica Tyler, and her car sank into this very lake. Elspeth has been struggling to forgive herself ever since, and in an effort to protect herself, she made some regrettable choices.

    However, she is now determined to face the truth and make amends. In the trial, she confidently testified that she saw Nadia Simons’ black car at the scene of the accident, driving at a dangerously high speed and likely under the influence of alcohol. This happened after the launch of Carnarvon’s first Midsomer Vinae wine, to which Simons had been invited. In a friendly manner, Elspeth imposed herself on her friend and Jessica’s mother, Judy Tyler. She confidently explained to her that Jessica’s death was caused by Nadia Simons, who is known for drunk driving. The Carnarvons had invited her to their wine launch, possibly to divert attention from her. I hope this information helps.