Season 6

06×01: A Talent for Life

1950s: Isobel Hewitt from Midsomer Malham is a racing driver and wins a prize at Silverstone.
Deep Dive: Sports History in Midsomer, pt. 2: Other Sports

06×04: A Tale of Two Hamlets

About 1000: The Smythe-Websters are given their estate in Upper Warden.

1643: From 14 March, the neighbouring villages of Upper Warden in the valley and Lower Warden on the hill start killing each other, on the occasion of the Civil War.
Deep Dive: The Civil War, pt. 1

1867: Ellis Bell (“The House of Satan”) is born out of wedlock in Lower Warden. His mother worked in the big house in Upper Warden and was seduced by the son of the house. The Smythe-Websters denied paternity but helped young Ellis Bell get a job as a teacher.

1897: Ellis Bell’s „The House of Satan“is published for the first time. It is an “old-fashioned socialist novel”. The title, The House of Satan, refers to the Smythe-Webster family.

1930: Lower Warden’s Ellis Bell, author of “The House of Satan” dies in poverty in Causton.