Season 3

03×03: Judgement Day

Sometime between the 5th and the 7th century (Anglo-Saxons): There was a Saxon burial ground where is now the village green of Midsomer Mallow.
Deep Dive: The Fisher King in Midsomer County

03×04: Beyond the Grave

1644: On 1 August, the Battle of Aspern Tallow took place during the Civil War. It ended at 3:30 pm with a Royalist defeat. Among them fought Royalist Jonathan Lowrie (1591-1644), a philanthropist, classical scholar and owner of the manor Aspern Hall. Parliamentarians pursue and chase him home after the battle, shooting him in his house. He is buried on the site, as was his wish. The family legend arises that he is not at peace and lives on as a ghost.
Deep Dive: The Civil War, pt. 1