Season 19

19×01: The Village That Rose from the Dead

Deep Dive: Ghost Villages in World War 2

1944: The village of Little Auburn becomes an army base for World War 2. The inhabitants found Great Auburn in the neighbourhood.

1962: A group of locals entered Little Auburn to protest against the army’s continued occupation of the village. They stayed for a few days before being arrested, fined and shackled. Among them were Fred Messenger and Sylvia Lennard.

2016: 72 years after the residents were forced to leave Little Auburn and it was used as an army base, the village is now being returned to the family of the then landowner, Roderick Craven.

19×03: Last Man Out

Late 1960s/1970s: Germaine Troughton from Lower Pampling is captain of the England Ladies Cricket Team.
Deep Dive: Sports History in Midsomer, pt. 2: Other Sports

19×05: Death by Persuasion

1801: Jane Austen travels through Whitcombe Grange.
Deep Dive: Jane Austen & Baroness Orczy in Midsomer County