Season 15

15×01: The Dark Rider

1645: Geoffrey DeQuetteville (1605-1645) is a loyalist in the Civil War and dies at the Battle of Naseby by charging cannons. The Battle of Naseby is lost for the Royalists.
Deep Dive: The Civil War, pt. 2

15×03: Written in the Stars

1936: Tom Stanton, a local landowner and keen amateur astronomer, has the Astrodome built in Midsomer Stanton.

15×04: Death and the Divas

1967-1970: Stella Harris is a star actress in well-known horror films and from Midsomer Langley. She made her debut in 1967 with “A Thirst for Blood”. She almost made it to Hollywood after “Death and the Divas”, but in the end her sister Diana Davenport took the role because director Cy Davenport fell in love with her (later married) and Stella Harris was written off. Around this time Diana became pregnant unintentionally and unmarried. Stella and Diana’s mother was very concerned about family reputation and decided that Stella, who was already married, should register Emma, born in April 1970, as her child. As a result, Stella Harris’ career as an actress was over, but Diana Davenport’s was just beginning.

15×05: The Sicilian Defence

1893: Reverend Stannington from Bishopwood becomes World Chess Champion 1893/1894.

1894: Reverend Stannington from Bishopwood dies as reigning World Chess Champion.
Deep Dive: Sports History in Midsomer, pt. 2: Other Sports