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You want to take a deep dive into history of England and Midsomer County. A very good choice! Midsomer Murders is a beloved English crime series in which nostalgia plays an important role – and so does history.

„History in Midsomer Murders is woven into the very warp and woof of England’s history.“

Those would certainly have been Honoria Lyddiard’s words if she were still alive. And it would be such a truth. So many historical events and people are mentioned in the episodes of Midsomer Murders.

This newsletter is the fortnightly supplement to the Midsomer Murders Historylittle tidbits so you don’t have to think “I’ll read it later when I have time”, but can read it as you go.

Starting in May it offers:

  • short updates on new articles published on the website
  • preview with on all #OnThisDay events in the upcoming week
  • exclusive, newsletter-only content presented by the people of Midsomer County themselves
  • more links and trivia.

Come along on a journey through time and Midsomer Murders.


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Here is an overview of the topics covered in the newsletters that have already been sent out


🔎 What new on Midsomer Murders & History?

📆 #OnThisDay in Midsomer – 29/04 – 12/05

💬 Interview with Linda Wagstaff from Upper Marshwood



🔎 What new on Midsomer Murders & History?

📆 #OnThisDay in Midsomer – 13/05 – 26/05

💬 Interview with CS John Cotton from Calham Cross