Season 9

09×01: The House in the Woods

1795: Just a rumour? Margaret Peat from Midsomer Newton hanged herself from a beam in the kitchen, the Fluxs tell.

09×04: Down Among Dead Men)

1846: Not far from Fennacombe Bay, the Harlequin ran aground on Fuller’s Sweep reef and sank with the gold artefacts from France on board.

09×05: Four Funerals and a Wedding

1916: In Broughton raises Montague Marwood, a big local landowner, an entire company from the village in this year, during World War 1. Numerous families lose their head of household and now have not enough to survive. (No battle is mentioned, but it is not unlikely that they also fought in the Battle of the Somme.) Some women form the Skimmington Society as a self-help group to work together, educate and raise money.
Deep Dive: The Widows of World War 1

1960: On August 15, a fire breaks out at Marwood Manor in Broughton. Almost all the inhabitants of the house die: Richard Henry Marwood, Elizabeth Ann Marwood, Montagu Henry Marwood, Catherine Elizabeth Marwood, Henry Edward Marwood, Elizabeth Marwood, Frederick Hastings, Dorothy Sairfield, Harold Sairfield and the two children George Richard Marwood and Henry Marwood.