Season 5

05×01: Market for Murder

c. 1500: The Chetwoods have been living in Chetwood Estate for some time, now the roof starts to leak (and still is 500 years later)

05×02: A Worm in a Bud

c. 1500: The Bartletts become farmers in Midsomer Worthy.

Sometime between 1536 and 1541: Abbey Farm in Midsomer Worthy was a part of Midsomer Abbey until the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

1652: In Midsomer Worthy, a woman, Mary Bloxham, is burnt as a witch. She is accused of trying to kill her neighbour with the “devil’s weed” – is valerian, which grows in abundance in neighbouring Setwall Wood.
Deep Dive: Witch-Hunting in Midsomer County

05×03:  Ring Out Your Dead

1633: An illustration shows that brass rubbing is practised in Midsomer Wellow, i.e. the tracing of an uneven surface, for example a metal plate.

1860: In Midsomer Wellow, the well at the church is shut down after the body of vicar Jonathan Ebbrell is found in it. He was murdered by local bell ringers because he forced them to attend church services and had their beer barrel removed from their room. The bell ringers were not convicted, however, because the people of Midsomer Wellow formed a wall of silence.
Deep Dive: The Bell Ringers from Midsomer Wellow

1939-1945: Reggie Barton from Midsomer Wellow is a pilot in the Second World War and flies Lancaster aeroplanes.

05×04 Murder on St Malley’s Day

In the second half of the 20th century: Midsomer Parva’s public boys’ school, Devington Hall, has been hoarding numerous artefacts of immeasurable value from all over the world for decades. Members of the school’s elevated Pudding Club often became diplomats and were thus able to steal the exhibits and bring them to the school. This happened, for example, during the Vietnam War (1955-1975) or the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).
Deep Dive: Treasures & Raiders in Midsomer County

At the beginning of November in 1963, two weeks before Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy, he was in Midsomer Parva. Dudley Carew had documentary proof of this.