Season 2

02×01: Death‘s Shadow

1969: Felix Bryce of Badger’s Drift died while playing with other children: He is standing on a chair with a rope around his neck and tied to a branch. He loses his balance, the chair tips over – Felix hangs himself. His mother, Jennifer, died of depression nine months later.

02×02: Strangler’s Wood

1990: Eva Hoffmann, Joan Chaplin and Judith Albiston are stripped, raped and strangled with a necktie in Strangler’s Wood in Midsomer Worthy.

02×03: Dead Man’s Eleven

Sometime between 1509 and 1547 (Reign of Henry VIII): There is a public footpath in Fletcher’s Cross. It leads (later?) through the Cavendish estate.
Deep Dive: Public Footpaths

1990: In Fletcher’s Cross, Matthew Draper is killed in an accidental explosion at a quarry owned by Robert Cavendish.